looking for pieces of pvc pipe in all lengths and sizes for VBS
In need of some white paint for painting pine boards. If you have any leftover you're not going to use, I would gladly come pick up. Thanks!
Looking for a small shelving unit to go in my closet pantry. We don t have any shelves and would like to have a sort of unit to hold all of our pantry food items!
Our central air in the home we rent is broken & the landlord will not fix. As I type this is 78 degrees in my home and the air is set on 60. We are in desperate need of fans,as the heat is making me physically I'll due to health conditions and we have kiddos. Thank you in advance.
Hey all. I am looking for a pair of used 3200 fender emblems for a 55 second series. Hit me up if you have anything. I'm not looking for perfect, my truck is in its original paint. Weathered, worn and beat up patina. Thanks, here's a good email for me. greasercat@aol.com
Looking for moving boxes all sizes, moving 3rd weekend in June. Thanks!!
In need of an air fryer, a larger George foreman grill and an electric griddle. Thank you
Have a aerogarden that you have given up on? I'll take it. Looking for one I could possibly grow tall plants like bell peppers.
Me and my fiance and our son just moved we are in need of furniture from couch to rocking chair dressers toddler bed frame queen size bed or full a kitchen chair some end tables anything would help slot thanks allot
I am looking for an old working CRT computer monitor. If you are getting rid of one and live in the south hills area please let me know.
Have a project with salvaged wood and would like to make sure there are no metal bits in them before using power tools on them. Safety first, ya know!
would like a metal detector; Kids are going on vacation to the beach and mountain climbing.It would be fun to have a metal detecter.
Does anybody have an air fryer that they are no longer using. I LOVED my air fryer. Sadly, I have used it way to much. In the last two and half years, I only used my regular over 2 or 3 times. It is seeing its last days. Thank you.