Items Wanted in Pittsburgh, PA

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I'm going to go on a long hike in a few weeks and I only have beat up sneakers. If anyone has a pair collecting dust I'll give hem some use! Thanks!!
Hello. I am starting a new career path in my life and I am an extremely need of 3/4x scrub tops and bottoms please
We are fostering a puppy that was abandoned. Looking for items for the pup..metal cage, leash, bed, etc...
Looking for the style of rack that fits over the rear wheel of a bicycle to hold a small bag. This is the one accessory I have not been able to find at any garage/yard sales. Thanks!
In need of a baby crib for grandmas house.
I am looking for hot wheels cars for one of my students. If you have any lying around that your children no longer want, I'd be glad to take them off your hands.
Wondered if anyone had a treadmill that was able to be transported via minivan, and one in working functional condition
It's a long shot as to whether or not I'll find someone who has a Butternut tree on their property, but if you're that rare person who has one and has not use for the dropped nuts, let me know. I'll be right over to gather them. Thanks!
Looking for a small bookcase or dresser that isn't too tall so I can put my TV on it. Would prefer a bookcase but a dresser will also work!
If you have a black walnut tree in your yard that's dropping a lot of nuts (think five gallon bucket or more) and you're neither fond of the nuts or the work it takes to render them usable, let me take them off your hands. I'm willing to travel within twenty minutes of Bellevue, although I can go farther for a large enough quantity.
If you have a tree dropping hickory nuts in your yard and you have no use for them, let me come and gather them.
My son is quite into Nerf these days but brand new they are really expensive. Maybe you have cleaned out the garage and found something you no longer need? Grateful for any help.
Looking for an 8-12lb sledge hammer, full length handle.
For Windows PC. Thank you.
My toddler seems ready to begin potty training early. If anyone has a potty chair that they no longer need, we'd appreciate your donation!
Hi all :) I'm trying to utilize more glass containers for storage and keeping foods in the fridge and am on the hunt for various sizes of glass jars with lids. I'm looking for anything between about 8oz and 32oz. Not looking for baby food containers and nothing really bigger than 32oz. These don't have to be specifically canning jars, as most will be used for storage and not canning or freezing...
I'm looking for a few three ring binders to use for school. Anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches wide would be great. Thanks for your help guys!
Looking for a wheeled shopping cart to help cart items for a person who needs help hauling food from a food pantry.
A friend is in need of tires for her car. I will pick up if anyone has any that are size 225/50/18. Thank you
Kids were given a ps2, wondered if anyone had controllers and or games. Have the system. Can pickup anywhere
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